Today’s enterprises are saturated with silos of tools, databases and processes that leave underutilized products, over utilized manpower, and skyrocketing cost.  Many products support integrated functionality commonly known as orchestration.  So, vendors will increase their support cost for the orchestrated capabilities, but vendors can only support their products and not the orchestrated solution.  Security and compliance cost are significantly on the rise and bleeding existing budgets as threats continue to increase.  IT staffing, contractors, and training cost are also on the rise as staff are being required to master all security and technical components to build and sustain the final solution instead of just operating the delivered solution.  Other indirect costs are also on the rise such as contracting, asset management, and lawsuits over licenses management are just a few examples.

At Turnkey Cyber Solutions, we have resolved these complex problems by developing a premium support offering known as Lifecycle 360 Solutions. We partner with vendors, distributors, resellers, and other industry leaders to deliver true turnkey orchestrated solutions in a simplified acquisition model. We deliver remote and on-site product monitoring, product optimization, dedicated support, training, and business process automation. Under our premium support, we offer a two tiered approach of highly skilled, trained, and certified engineers. Our Tier I staff is aligned to best support each customers unique operating environment; while our Tier II is staffed with senior level engineers with proven enterprise experience supporting orchestrated solutions relevant to our customer environments. If direct vendor support or professional services are required, we directly coordinate and contract these efforts on behalf of the customer as part of our premium support. While vendors deliver orchestration as a functionality at Turnkey Cyber Solutions, we orchestrate everything else as a single LifeCycle 360 solution.

- virtual ciso -

Large government organizations and corporations have already appointed CISOs.  However, CISOs for large networks and enterprise environments simply do not have the adequate staffing and tools required to properly manage the ever increasing security demands on their offices.  In return, CISOs are often limited to table top reviews and reactionary post breach firefighting.  Turnkey Cyber Solutions is able to deliver a bundled solution complete with staffing and tools required by CISOs as a supplemental service allowing CISOs to have real time visibility and continuous monitoring necessary to deliver a proactive security program.

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- hosted and managed solutions -

Turnkey Cyber Solutions also supports small and medium size businesses as well as counties, cities and schools.  We provide a one stop shop for all your computing needs from virtual CIO, virtual CISO, helpdesk support, network management, configuration management, IT procurement, compliance, threat management, business applications, training, and many more.